Abeilles et acariens

Abeilles et acariens

Un site intéressant ‘BEEMITE ‘ (en anglais) référence les acariens (mites) susceptibles de se retrouver dans une ruche.


Bee Mite ID can be used to:

  • identify adult and immature mites found on or in bees or their nests;
  • distinguish harmful mites from non-harmful mites;
  • narrow down possibilities of bee-associated mites based on bee genus names;
  • learn about mite morphology, mite life stages and sex differences, bee morphology, and relevant terminology;
  • view images of 90 mite taxa, including micrographs of slide-mounted specimens, images indicating diagnostic features, and images of mites on or within bees’ bodies; and
  • access information about bee hosts, including the biology of bee-mite associations and the characteristics of mite feeding and dispersal.

Un document ‘pdf’ présente synthétiquement et avec photos les principaux acariens.

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